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General Dentistry at AJ Dental

We are a family run private dental practice based in Hertfordshire, offering a range of dental services and cosmetic dentistry at affordable prices. Using modern and high-quality dental materials and equipment as well as the latest technique and technology to deliver our promise of service to you.

Our friendly team takes pride and do their utmost to make your visit and treatments as comfortable and painless as possible, helping our nervous patients receive individual services alongside all service users in a relaxed environment.

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Dental Hygiene

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. The harmful effects of gum disease are caused by the bacteria that grow on plaque and tartar in your mouth.  Bacteria begin to irritate your gums and cause gum problems, which may result in loose teeth. The best way to prevent this is regular brushing and cleaning by a dental hygienist.

We offer following hygiene appointments depending on your individual needs

An Established Family Practice in Potters Bar

We treat patients as if we are treating family. We promise to give you all the options and will never undertake treatments if not necessary.

General Dentistry

We listen to our patients and explain everything. All our prices to you will be provided in writing so you always know exactly what you are paying for. There is never ever any pressure. You can decide to proceed in your own time.

Dental Fillings

Dental Filling Before and After in Hertfordshire, Potters Bar

White fillings are a great alternative to traditional silver amalgam. New materials have improved the strength of white fillings, making them suitable for most tooth repair jobs. White fillings are now used on most teeth for an attractive, natural-looking smile that lasts longer than traditional silver amalgam fillings.

  • Amalgam fillings From £75.00

    Price depends on complexity - so do get in touch

  • Tooth coloured filling From £95.00

    Price depends on complexity - so do get in touch

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Diagram

It is always best to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. Root canal treatment relieves toothaches by removing infected pulp and nerve – without having to remove the entire tooth. Root canal treatment will be completed under local anaesthetic to ensure that you experience no pain. Our dentist Dr Baban is Masters-qualified in Endodontology (Root Canal Treatments).

  • Root canal consultation £50.00
  • Root canal treatment From £250.00
  • Root canal consultation £50.00
  • Root canal - single root From £250.00
  • Root canal - multiple roots From £350.00
  • Root canal - complex From £450.00

    we will outline exactly what is required during your consultation

Tooth Extraction

Image of Teeth Which Have Been Extracted

Sometimes it’s not possible for a tooth to be fixed with a filling, crown, or other treatment. In this case extraction is the ideal option to prevent further problems. Extractions are done under local anaesthetics and painless.

  • Tooth Extractions From £95.00
  • Simple tooth extraction £95.00
  • Surgical tooth extraction including wisdom teeth £150.00

Dental Crowns

Ceramic and Porcelain Dental Crowns in Potters Bard Hertfordshire

Dental Crowns are mostly used to improve the strength of your natural teeth. New techniques and materials allow us to give our patients a natural appearance. Dental crowns can also be used to hold a dental bridge in place and replace missing teeth.

  • Single Crown From £550.00
  • Porcelain bonded to metal crown £550.00
  • All ceramic crown (metal free) £650.00
  • Gold crown £750.00

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridge Mock Ups Before Being Placed in Potters Bar Hertfordshire

A bridge can help close the gap caused by a missing tooth. First, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are prepared for crowns. After that, the bridge is made and cemented onto the teeth with the missing tooth attached to the crowns.

  • Dental bridge - per unit £525.00
  • Dental bridge - per unit £525.00
  • Maryland bridge including two wings £630.00


Dentures Biting into a Banana
A missing tooth can alter the dimensions of your face, making it look older. Dentures can help restore the youthful appearance of your face. Made specifically for your mouth and face, dentures are custom made to complement your face and the rest of your body.
  • Partial acrylic dentures per arch £385.00
  • Full acrylic dentures per arch £650.00
  • Partial acrylic dentures per arch £385.00
  • Full acrylic dentures per arch £650.00
  • Metal denture (Chrome-Cobalt) per arch £750.00
  • Flexible denture per arch From £475.00

    Dependent on number of teeth

Just look at what people are saying about AJ Dental

Kyri Nicholas
Read More
What can I say. Fantastic! I have always had trouble with my teeth and have never been lucky to find a dentist I can trust. I just wish I had gone to Dr 'J' sooner. He is amazing, also makes you feel relaxed and is a top professional. He explains carefully what he is doing and the reasons he is doing them. Brilliant service from him and his team. Would HIGHLY recommend. Thank you so much A J Dental
Romena Ahmed
Read More
Always had a fear of dentists since i was a child due to bad experience but Elena has always made my visits so comfortable. She is super friendly and always explains everything throughly and in great detail. All staff at AJ Dental are brilliant.
Guevork Antonian
Read More
I had several visits so far and can say this is a good and professional practice. Pleasant staff and very helpful. Most importantly my teeth received a good service, so Thank you very much team AJ Dental Care!
Tracy Mckinstry
Read More
The service here is brilliant. I'm so scared of dentist, but they made me feel so at ease. Very friendly, professional and the best dentist I have seen by far. Have sorted all my problems for me, and for my son. Would highly recommend.
Teodora Dobrin
Read More
I totally recommend this practice, the staff is very professional and the dentist has an amazing experience and his work is just astonishing. I also bring my children as well , even they should get free NHS treatment I prefer to bring them here and get a good treatment from the start and have a pleasant experience.

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